RocketMan Roberts

RocketMan Roberts Classics Radio Show features all classic hits, mostly from seventies, a little 80’s, a smidgeon of 90’s and great music from any and ALL decades.

From The “Garry Owens” type announcer to the girl­next­store drops, RRCRS is listening fun for everyone. Listen for the Deep Space Answering Machine and Marty The Martian’s one­liners. You’ll also hear from Ground Control, and RocketMan Roberts spokesperson Stacy

It’s another great show from RocketMan follows the same motto as our sister show: Vintage Gold Classics with Bob Francis, and that is: The music is the star; If you have to think of something to say, don’t say anything, and it’s a privilege to entertain you.

How can you tell RocketMan’s voice from Bob Francis? Easy.

RocketMan talks faster!