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Kate Middleton

(ABC 6) – Kate Middleton‘s and Olivia Munn‘s cancer diagnoses spotlight a troubling trend: an increase in cancer in young adults under 50. Colon cancer in this population is steadily on the rise.  An unexpected diagnosis Whether it was chemotherapy or radiation, Melisa Valenzuela of Los Angeles felt alone. “Here I am, a 29-year-old girl. Most […]

(Newsweek) – Prince William affair rumors, long ignored by the mainstream media following Kensington Palace’s denials, were published by major news outlets after being joked about on U.S. television. The palace PR crisis over Kate Middleton’s absence from public life spun even further out of control after Late Show host Stephen Colbert mentioned the drama on Wednesday’s episode. Social media has […]

(ET Online) – The 77-year-old American treasure says she’s hoping for a rain check with the Princess of Wales. Dolly Parton was forced to turn down a very exclusive invitation during a recent trip to London. The 77-year-old American treasure reveals in a new interview why she had to take a rain check on a tea […]