Oasis Oldies

Oasis Oldies
Oasis Oldies airs every Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 1 PM on Oasis 96.3 FM hosted by Phyllis Meit.

Phyllis takes you back in time five days a week to a different musical era.

Take a trip down memory lane by visiting the 50s and 60s on Monday, Super 70s on Tuesday, the Amazing 80s on Wednesday, the Nifty 90s on Thursday and Anything Goes on Friday with music from every era including the present.

Oasis Oldies also features many interesting daily segments such as: News of Note featuring local and regional news highlights, Oasis of Wellness; information on lifestyle, health and beauty, Today back in the Day; a look back at this day in musical history, Celebrity Gossip Grapevine News; News about Hollywood, Music and Art, Word of the Day; Highlighting unusual words, Couch Potato Time; What’s on the tube every night in primetime, Fridays at the Movies; Movie Reviews, and so much more.

Stroll down memory lane with Oasis Oldies every Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 1 PM on Oasis 96.3 FM, The Softer Side of St. Maarten.